I love wool, I love knitting, I love creating.

My work evolves around the idea of slowing down the fashion cycle, Exploring the possibilities for drastic locality within the British Isles, to inspire, utilise and push the boundaries of British wool within the fashion sector, whilst inspiring a new generation to connect with and value their clothing.

My belief is that to move forward, progress, and rebuild a once powerful industry that can provide local fashions and trends to local people, we need to look back to the past to see how communities worked together when the world wasn’t so connected.  As well as seeing the importance of being interlinked globally with other nations, we also need to see the importance of being interlinked as transformed local communities.

Using 100% British wool, in my latest projects, that I have seen sheared (and attempted myself!), processed and spun locally, connecting with local experts and businesses to forge links between different design sectors, using natural plant dyes grown in Britain, and utilising traditional knitting techniques from a modern perspective, I hope to engage the consumer on a more personal level, and connect with them whilst showing the true value of their clothing in a fashion-led collection.

To see a final collection of physical objects encompass many hard months of researching, learning, developing and making, as well as being able to pinpoint individual collaborations with lovely talented people throughout the designs was satisfying to see. Creating pieces in bold bright colours enable me to challenge people’s perceptions of natural plant dyes and has spurred me on to think bigger and bolder in the future…. 

FUTURE   -  ????

PRESENT  -     PhD Researcher at Manchester Metropolitan University

                       Co-Founder Chantico Alpaca Knitwear

 PAST      -      'Craft of Use' project Researcher, CSF, LCF 2013

                        The Textile Institute 'Sustainability Award' 2012

                        Freelance knitwear designer and consultant

                        Knitwear design placement at People Tree

                        Zoe Grace Fletcher accessories collections

                        A number of external projects for private companies

                        Foodservice FootPrint Awards 2011 - Fashion Project

                       London College Of Fashion

                        MA Fashion and the Environment - Distinction Masters

                       Manchester School of Art

                        BA (hons) Textile Design For Fashion - First Class Honours Degree

                       Manchester School of Art

                       Art Foundation - Distinction    



Zoe Grace Fletcher 2013