"Your habitus is your habitat, your neighbourhood. It reflects who you are, what you do, how you live your life. Your neighbourhood has an impact on your stride, your gestures, your actions - the tacit signals of your body techniques. How do you dress for your hood and how does it dress you?" - http://www.selfpassage.org/

Otto Von Busch challenged us to go out into our local communities, get involved and represent our views on our communities through a graphic design to be printed onto a hoody - My local community is Hackney, so whilst travelling back home I realised I spent most of my time travelling out of and into Hackney, using this as a catalyst I played with positioning and sizing on the hoody space, with a hood that when in use made the wearer appear to be using headphones - in their own little world whilst on their daily travels.

  Photographs taken by Nicol Vizioli (London College of Fashion) 

Zoe Grace Fletcher '10