My ultimate objective is to build a body of investigative work that delves into the processes involved in creating a desirable collection of garments produced entirely in Britain – from fibre-production to a small finished collection, documenting each stage of transformation into a modern multi-functional wardrobe.

Seeking out local materials and manufacturing facilities, working with small companies to explore the possibilities of modern manufacture within Britain.

Developing a well-informed high quality solution to designing pieces that stretch the imagination and strike a creative balance between aesthetics, practicality and materials.

To gain a deeper understanding of the potential for developing a more extensive hobby-craft rooted industry, and bridge the gap between craft and fashion. Portraying the experimentation through craft that can then be transferred into a slow-fashion collection inspired by the significance of each stitch.

Primarily addressing the following issues that surround sustainability:

Resource consumption – How design can reduce consumption

Consumer interaction and emotional attachment - Encouraging the wearer to engage and value their chosen pieces.

Careful material sourcing –  Local producers and manufacturers taking into account core environmental and ethical principles.