Posted by Zoe Fletcher on Thursday, April 16, 2009
For a long time I have been knitting up my own pieces... sometimes I make them up as I go along or start a pattern... and then wonder what would happen if i did it this way or twisted this part or added that rib there... I love creating something completely unique - even if it came from me reading the instructions wrong and ending up with something utterly different from what it was supposed to be!! So anyway yesterday I got my book of scribbled pattern writing out and tried to decipher what I had written!! Aiming to create some pattern sheets that are easy to follow for knitters and non-knitters alike along with some photographs of what it should look like... if you wish!! Heres a sample of how they turned out..


Zoe Grace Fletcher Currently undertaking a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University within the MIRIAD post-graduate department, I am beginning a practice based academic journey into British wool fibres and new technologies within knitwear design. Graduating with Distinction from a Masters in Fashion and the Environment at London College of Fashion, specialising in hand-knitting and the British Wool Industry, I have worked on a number of knitwear collections (personal and external companies), whilst freelancing and researching for a number of exciting projects. My work revolves around the idea of sustainable fashion from a knitted perspective and the different ways to achieve this incorporating the ideas of slow fashion into mainstream society. I love knitting. And wool. And double sided sticky tape.
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