Posted by Zoe Fletcher on Sunday, July 11, 2010
Having received my yarns I was raring to get started on experimenting with different ways to use them and the first thing on my to do list was to test out colour options, for this I needed to mordant my yarns. The traditional way of doing this once involved using copper (poisonous), tin (expensive to get hold of and not as capable as some other alternatives) or urine (not 100% and i'm not sure how I - or the consumers- would feel about me weeing on their clothing!). I decided on alum, as it is the least invasive to us (there is a percentage of alum in drinking water etc - so it is already all around us - despite scepticism after reading articles about it being connected to altzheimer's when near skin, the positives for it far outweighed the potential cons). So I mordanted my yarns (split into quarters as I didn't have big enough pans!) in a mixture of alum, cream of tartar and hot water - simmering it for a number of hours and leaving to soak overnight in preparation for the dye workshop the next day!


Zoe Grace Fletcher Currently undertaking a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University within the MIRIAD post-graduate department, I am beginning a practice based academic journey into British wool fibres and new technologies within knitwear design. Graduating with Distinction from a Masters in Fashion and the Environment at London College of Fashion, specialising in hand-knitting and the British Wool Industry, I have worked on a number of knitwear collections (personal and external companies), whilst freelancing and researching for a number of exciting projects. My work revolves around the idea of sustainable fashion from a knitted perspective and the different ways to achieve this incorporating the ideas of slow fashion into mainstream society. I love knitting. And wool. And double sided sticky tape.
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