Posted by Zoe Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2009
The Centre for Sustainable Fashion has just opened their new exhibition at John Princes Street "Space" gallery, and at City Hall, Westminster for two weeks...theres some lovely looking work in there girls heehee...

(Sorry Ruby your colours wouldn't come out no matter what settings I put it on!!)



Zoe Grace Fletcher Currently undertaking a PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University within the MIRIAD post-graduate department, I am beginning a practice based academic journey into British wool fibres and new technologies within knitwear design. Graduating with Distinction from a Masters in Fashion and the Environment at London College of Fashion, specialising in hand-knitting and the British Wool Industry, I have worked on a number of knitwear collections (personal and external companies), whilst freelancing and researching for a number of exciting projects. My work revolves around the idea of sustainable fashion from a knitted perspective and the different ways to achieve this incorporating the ideas of slow fashion into mainstream society. I love knitting. And wool. And double sided sticky tape.
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